I'm Lilly, a Designer & Wedding Lover in Kansas City


In 2021, I founded Lilly Valley Press following my involvement in my sister's wedding. Feeling a bit adrift in my twenties, I discovered my passion when I saw how my wedding stationery not only brought joy to myself but also to those around me. It became clear that nothing matters more to me than spreading happiness through my creations.

Lilly mather, designer & Founder

 July 2021

My wonderful sister and her wife Rhett came to me last moment after a month of traveling and asked me to design some signage for their wedding in a week. This simple ask sparked my passion for wedding stationery design!

I Designed my sister's save the dates, wedding signage, place cards and menus

August 2021

After my sister's wedding, I decided to dip my toe into the wedding world! I opened my Etsy shop and have worked my way into the KC wedding scene.

Lilly Valley Press

October 2022

I was so honored when one of the best people I know came to me not only to ask me to be her bridesmaid, but to design her invitation and signage. A Fantastic wedding for a fantastic person!

I designed my childhood best friend's invites,
signage and table numbers

April 2023

A year ago, on a whim, I applied to get more information about the local Bridal Shows. The next day I received a call that change the trajectory of my career. 

I was invited to participate in the Kansas City Wedding Guild

December 2023

As I developed Lilly Valley Press, my full time job was leaving me unfulfilled and restless. My side business had turned into my passion and I knew it was time to make it my full time career!

I quit my day job to run my shop full time

How I got here


Life never gives you what you expect...

Everyone is welcome here at Lilly Valley Press

Love is Love in any and every form

In a perfect world, marriage equality would never be questioned. Sadly we don't live in that perfect world. While queer and trans rights are in constant danger, it's important to take a firm and public stance. Every couple and person is welcomed with open arms here at my shop. No one will ever be turned away for who they choose to spend their lives with.