This wedding is near and dear to my heart; and not just because it was the first wedding I designed for, but also because I gained a sister! These two have an amazing story!

In 2016, at 22 years old, my sister Lauren packed her bags and moved to Kosovo; a tiny, brand new country in the Balkan region of Europe. She was hired as first grade teacher at an English speaking school. Her whole life became one big adventure and she took dozens of trips, short and long. 

Mather wedding in Breckenridge colorado at ten mile station

As the pictures came in, I started to notice a reoccurring face. In many of the photos of my sister’s adventures, the fifth grade teacher Rhett was featured. I started hearing dozens of stories of this woman and I had a strong feeling she was not just a friend. By Valentine’s Day of that year, these two finally got together!

The first time I met Rhett, she had just gotten her appendix out only hours prior and could barley stand. But she still greeted us with a smile and a warm hug. We traveled around the Balkans that summer with Lauren and Rhett, and by the end of the trip, I knew that my sister found her forever person.

Two Brides in Breckenridge Colorado at Ten Mile station

In the years since, the two have lived in Albania, Poland and now Korea and have visited probably close to 30 countries. There have been many hard times; bad work environments, the pandemic, and having to postpone their wedding, but these two have never once let it effect the love they have for each other. 

Lauren and Rhett got married in Breckenridge, Colorado in July of 2022. The day started rainy, but by the time for the ceremony, the sun was shining and the clouds had cleared. The day felt almost effortless, even though I know there were many stressful tears leading up to it.  

Lilly Valley Press with Two Brides in the rain in Breckenridge Colorado at Ten Mile station

I spent the entire ceremony crying, but they were tears of joy. I love these two so much and I can’t wait to share in their lives for many years to come. Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding and I can’t wait to visit you!