The 2024 Wedding season is underway and there’s no doubt this year’s wedding trends are some of my favorite ever! From dramatic decor to intimate, down-to-earth photography, I absolutely love these trends.

Each of these 5 ideas has inspired me to make a wedding suite in the same style! Some of these trends are more abstract than others, but they still motivate me to create. Design is such a rewarding medium, so being inspired by what other artists make is so important to the process.

Enough of me rambling, let’s learn about some wedding trends!

Bridal couple pouring Champagne on champagne tower at wedding reception Photo by Jessica Lily
Photo by Jessica Lily

Number Five: Champagne Towers

Champagne Towers have been building momentum since last year, but they just haven’t stopped being amazing. They’re a classy statement piece, a fun photo opportunity and an amazing way to engage your guests. Not only are they classy, they are also so personalized. They come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Want a pink champagne tower? Go for it!

Number Four: Ribbons & Bows

With this trend, you can truly tie a neat bow on your wedding!

Jokes aside, this trend is so graceful and so versatile! Add bows to your place cards, to your wedding ceremony chairs, to your reception table scapes, to your signage, even to your DRESS. They’re not only elegant decor but also a great and price friendly alternative to flowers.

Number Three: After Wedding Late Night Fun Snack

Getting married is hard work, and sometimes you forget to even eat the perfect menu you spent so much time picking out. Countless Bridal parties have been to busy dancing and celebrating during the reception, only to end up hungry and searching for open restaurants after the party ends.

Couples are now planning for that after party hunger and are ordering fun late night snacks for wedding guests that stay till the end. These snacks range from specific food bars with popcorn, fries and ice cream to ordering pizza, tacos or burgers. Pick out your favorite drunk couple snack and get ready to chow down towards the end of your reception!

Number Two: Dutch Master Flowers

Time for a quick art lesson! If you haven’t heard of the Dutch Golden Age, I’m sure you’ve seen at least a painting or two! The Dutch Golden Age was an art movement in the 1600s in the area of current Netherlands, Belgum and Luxenboarg. This art movement was dramatic, rich, grand and intensely detailed. The most famous is probably The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer, but the iconic floral paintings of the era are becoming influencial in wedding florals! Jan Davidsz de Heem painted so many lush and detailed botanical masterpieces, it’s not suprise he inspires foral artists today.

I just adore the variety of dramtaic colors, the variety of shapes and the perfect, imperfect layout. Lustre Theory styled a gorgeous wedding “that showcased rich velvet linens, captivating blue and blush colors, and an ambiance that exuded elegance and romance.” I want to design an entire new invitation suite just looking at it! So elegant, so rich, so grand!

documentary photo of Bridal and bridesmaid dressing and getting ready on wedding day as they fix shoe Photo by Jessica Lily
Photo by Jessica Lily
Documentary Photo of Bridal Couple opening bottle of Champagne over champagne tower at wedding reception Photo by Katelyn Macmillan
Photo by Katelyn Macmillan

Number One: Documentary Photography

This one is close to my heart! Once upon a time, I wanted to be a photojournalist. I adored street photographers like Saul Leiter and Vivian Maier and tried my hand at not only street photography but film photography. I was never particularly good, hence why I’m a wedding designer and not a wedding photographer.

While I already have a bias towards documentary photography, I love it for weddings because it truly encapsulates the day. The little genuine moments are so important to capture, and they will be the ones you remember for the rest of your life.